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Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying About DogWatch by Critter Camp

Nancy B.

Lily and Daisy are doing great with the fence. I truly never thought it would be that quick and easy to train them. I also liked your GENTLE way of training them. I would definitely recommend you and your product to anyone who is looking into purchasing a hidden fence system. Thanks again.

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Nancy B.

Rachel P, Badger, IA

The DogWatch system has been great for our 2 dogs. The dogs responded right away and we have had no problems! These are 2 young, but full grown labs that had become pretty well know in about a 2-3 mile radius from our home! They stay home now and have become much better pets! Thanks Rick!!

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Jim N.

Best investment I ever made for my dog.

Curt Gast

Macy and Leo love DogWatch!

Jesica Schild

We have the hidden fence and it is amazing! Best decision we have made!

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